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Bonded & Insured License Numbers: WV #042320
WV Well Pump#848

City License Numbers: Hedgesville #1107

Service Areas:
Morgan County, Berkeley County,
Jefferson County,

Hours of Operation:
8 a.m.–4 p.m.
Emergency Service available!


(304) 754-8127



Video Camera Inspection.

Pipe and Utility Location Service.

Below: Video filmed with our See Snake.

Footage of damaged underground PVC drain pipe with

ground water rushing in at penetration.




Plumbing Services 

*Water Heater installation, cleaning, repair and replacement.*

* Water Well Sediment, Manganese

* Well Pump installation & repair*

*No Salt Water System*

Water Softener Alternative. Electronic descaling device. 

*Water Softener* Ion Exchange
*Water Filters Whole House Carbon Filteration(Toxin Shield) 

*Iron & Sulpher Filters* Well water filter (Iron Shield)

*UV light Ultra-Violet Light Filters*(Bacteria Shield)

*Acid Neutralizers*(Acid Shield)

*Water Treatment, Water purification. Submersable Well Sanitizing 

*Reverse Osmosis Systems*  RO unit 

For Pure DrinkingWater (RevitaLife       

* Drain & Sewer Snaking, rooting, Pipe cleaning and Video Camera Inspection 

Clogg & Stopage Removal

*Faucet and Toilet installation, repair & replacement.*

*Disposals* Ice makers* Dishwashers*

*Sewage Pumps* & *Sump Pumps *Submersable well pump

*"Water Powered" Emergency Backup Sump Pumps*

*Pipe and Utility Locating and Tracing*

*Well and Septic locating and Inspection

*Video Inspection of Pipes, Sewers, Septic systems and septic tanks.

*Excavating and Burial*


Servicing: Martinsburg, Hedgesville, Berkeley Springs, Inwood, Charles Town and the rest of the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia.

Barr Plumbing is certified by the state of West Virginia Bureau of Public Health to install and service well pump systems. Our plumbing contractors strive to be a green and environmentally friendly plumbing company. We recycle our paper, plastic and cardboard. We try not to use chemicals to unclog drains. Additionally, we try not to use solvents, glues and metal water piping materials. Our Plumber's use lead free materials like lead free brass fittings and EP plastic fittings.

Barr Plumbing takes advantage of todays technology, we use PEX Piping and install salt free water treatment systems.


Pictured belowBarry Barr Master Plumber and WV Certified Well Pump Installer using his well pump puller to get water back on for a local family.


Pictured below: We are replacing a section of 4" PVC drain pipe at a house in The Gallery, Martinsburg, WV. The pipe had a belly and poorly graded section that caused the pipe to clog and stop up. We had to dig down 11' feet to correct the issues. 

Barr Plumbing LLC - Plumbing in Hedgesville, WV


 "Relax, Let Us Take
Care of Your Plumbing"